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The Secrets of Quantum Physics - Jim Al-Kahilli explains Einstein’s Nightmare with the help of this music sequence which was recorded live.
Comic Relief - Christine Bleakley in Uganda meets a young family orphaned by HIV/AIDS. An emotional and thought provoking piece to camera.
Piers Morgan On…Marbella - an open top supercar piece to camera.
Victorian Bakers - Four professional bakers leave their modern businesses behind to bake their way through the Victorian era - multiple contributors in period costumes and presenters in a working environment.
River Monsters Series 6 Season Premiere - A two hour special filmed entirely on the Amazon River.
Piers Morgan On…Las Vegas - A helicopter piece to camera and a wedding fantasy!
Brits Who Built The Modern World - Architecture series with the leading British architects of our generation.
Back In Time For The Weekend - The 70’s. A family have their lives, and their home, transformed and live through 5 decades from the 50’s to the 90’s to discover how Britain spent it’s leisure time.